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Wednesday, August 1

Finger Painting for Tots, 101

A few years ago, I had a lot of free time, and we were living with all these creative types, and I got really into painting...I painted all the time, and legitimately thought I had a future as a painter of dog portraits for awhile.  But, supply and demand told me otherwise, and life got busy and I got married and pregnant. So, I turned my attention to painting nursery walls and baby furniture rather than artsy apples and hedgehogs and a surprisingly realistic depiction of my grandpa's provocative tattoo of grandma.  After I typed that, I realized how weird it is that I painted that, especially if you've seen it.  So awkward. :/

Anyway, I found a stash of unused canvas the other day, and decided it was time to see if O shared my talent passion for painting.

Step 1: Apply letter stickers to a canvas and get out the finger paint (ours was homemade.)

Step 2:  Cover your floors, your baby, and/or get the heck outside.

Step 3: Let them have at it!

Sometimes...this happens...
(Shortly after the feet were introduced, we wrapped up that nights painting session with a dip in the pool. And yes, if anyone noticed, I did in fact put my son in an old Bid Day t-shirt, and he loves it. Swear.)

Step 4: Depending on your paint colors and whatnot, how much contrast you want there to be, have them apply additional coats (allowing to dry in between, obvi!)  O did three coats over the course of about a week, to achieve the masterpiece below.

Step 5: Once the coverage is sufficient and dry, peel off your stickers and voila!  

Step 6: Shamelessly show off your kid's work, because they are clearly a budding Monet.


Nathalie said...

i cannot wait until Charlotte is old enough we will ABSOLUTELY be doing this! LOVE IT

cait said...

fun! and i SO want to see your dog portraits! and the one of your grandpa's tattoo of grandma ;)

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