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Monday, August 6

Glow in the Park

I know posting all this glow stuff might look suspect, but I swear I'm not getting into house music. Saturday night, we headed out to Glow in the Park, a whole little expo of luminated art and interactive things.  I didn't know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with the offerings.   Definitely something to bring O back to next year (he was home sleeping this year).  

 Glowing teepee 

  There was a lot of "interesting" art installments...

 Fog bubble = legit

Giant glowing foam blocks for kids to build into houses and castles. 

 Then there was the giant moon karaoke thing. One, whoever runs this company is genius. The line was fifty people deep of parents waiting to let their kids sing in a booth that projects their face onto a giant floating balloon that looks the moon.  It was hilarious watching the kids, until this horribly awkward child got in there and picked Ke$ha...

Something about her self-consciously singing about brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack, getting a little bit tipsy and boys trying to touch her junk freaked me out.  If you're going to let your kid sing skanky songs, whatever, that's your prerogative...but they better at least own it, Sophia Grace style.  Otherwise, it's both inappropriate and sad and will make me super uncomfortable.  

There's always a good lesson to be learned here, friends.    


melbeard said...

ah, glow things. Love it! I like the Sophia Grace reference. I really hope that if my next kid is a girl she comes out singing nikki manjah songs with a British accent! Lol

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