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Friday, August 3

"I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Because I'm a Boy)"

I hope you all appreciated that B. Spears throwback reference.

It's happened to everyone.  You're gleefully shopping for unnecessary items at Target, and some stranger approaches you and comments on how beautiful your (insert wrong gender of your child here) is.  You’re shocked because it’s ridiculously easy to determine your babies gender based on their outfit for one, and you’re slightly offended.      

Today, I'm minding my own business in the baking aisle. O is asleep in the cart. Like, literally asleep in the little kid seat part, leaning forward, head on the hard plastic that was only softly padded by his shopping cart cover.  I rolled up a bath towel to try to give him some cushion…but he was passed out.  It wasn’t anywhere near nap time.  He just decided it was as good of time as any to catch some Z’s.  Then it happens.

A lady comes up and says "Oh how precious! She is absolutely beautiful." SHE!  My little boy is certainly not a she!  As my tongue is tied with whether or not to set her straight, I glance down in the cart. He looks like a freaking angel when he sleeps.  Full, pouty lips, rosy cheeks, blond curls framing his round face and those crazy long eyelashes that I would die for.  Future Latisse model status.  To her credit, while asleep, he’s got some pretty features, for sure.  And I know I will never be accused of dressing my child super masculine, but I’m not putting him in flowers and sparkles either…he was wearing a striped white and red t-shirt, blue shorts and navy blue boat shoes.  No, he wasn't wearing, like, a monster truck on his face, but it was clearly boy-ish.  

I could spare her the embarrassment, I thought, of not correcting her…but the last time I did that, the nice old lady kept on asking questions about my little “girl”.  Finally, she asked “her” name, and then, feeling deeply entrenched in a lie myself, and not wanting to make the rest of our time waiting in line at the bank stupidly awkward, I replied with the first thing that came to mind,  “Her name is Olivia.” 

“Olivia” has become somewhat of a joke…I consider her to be O’s female alter ego, she comes out mainly when I’m making headbands for my friend’s little girls and I need a fit model for my prototypes. 

Anyway, I decided for some reason I needed to teach this lady a lesson (i.e. don’t make snap judgments regarding baby gender, one day, someone with a complex is going to get pissed), and said, “Oh thank you, but he’s a boy.”  And I then turned and moved on down the aisle as quickly as possible to avoid the inevitable uncomfortable apology.  Totally killed my Target-buzz, and I had to just head to the check out.

 I know this has happened to so many of you before….tell me how you deal with the stupids, because I am getting increasingly awkward with age and need to know what's acceptable…do you correct them or just go along with them???


Amanda said...

I friggin hate this pridicament it happens a lot with Quinn too, especially after I say her name because it could go either way. But she always has an outfit on (like O) that is clearly for a girl. I always correct them, usually my inserting a very well annunciation of HER and then they apologize which makes me feel better because they should apologize for being such a dumb A$&. But I'm kind of a B like that. ;)

rachel said...

See, that is JUST the kind of thing that bugs me, Quinn is so freaking clearly a girl!!!!!! Ugh people are soooooooo dumb!!!

melbeard said...

Happens with Landon ALL.THE.TIME. I honestly just smile at the people and walk away. If I'm stuck and can't walk away I usually answer their name question as "His name is Landon". Then they feel dumb. I'm always dressing him in boyish clothes too..I don't get it. I find it pretty funny sometimess.

Nathalie said...

My new favorite was at church this weekend, (Char had a white shirt with puffy lace trimmed sleeves and her new jean overalls (obsessed) with pink embroidered hearts. the lady at the kids check in said "oh he is such a cutie, what's his name" (for check in purposes ((couldn't lie)) after saying her name was Charlotte to which the lady obviously noticed the mix up she said. "oh well her hair is just so short"....umm i've NEVER cut her hair. what she has is ALL she has ever had. Poor Charlotte.. cant help it.

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