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Sunday, August 12

Legoland, Take 2

It was crazy, stupid hot this week.  We're lucky, because we have A/C and a pool in the backyard, but that didn't mean anything to a little boy who just wants to be outside.  And the pool is solar heated, meaning it's a refreshing 95 degrees.  Nice around 7pm.  Disgusting at noon.  And that's coming from a super bath lover.  I don't know why I'm bringing up the heat since it has nothing to do with this post...

 Our friends Amanda and Quinn were kind enough to invite us to Legoland and we had a great playdate...once we got inside.  

Did you know teething has like 20 million symptoms??  Did you know that one of them happens to be the green apple quick step????  Everyone in my vicinity at the Legoland parking lot knows this now.  Mom-win: ALWAYS have extra clothes on hand.  You never freaking know when or what is going to happen. What a cruel, cruel joke these canines are. 2 down, 2 to go. I remember why I brought the heat up, it was b/c O was toting his water bottle all day and chugged 3 bottles before nap time.  So that was fun doing crib sheet laundry. But how cute are these two with the giant Lego's??

 I feel like Quinn should be saying, "Excuse me, strange Sir, do you need to get that close to us to take an iphone picture of a Lego building??"  I totally agree with her.

 Quinn working the boat whistles.

 I like to think this is O holding Quinn's hand to help her up.  In reality, he's probably doing the toddler-hand-push-away...but I'm going to pretend he's being chivalrous. 

We are officially sold on Legoland.  


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