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Tuesday, August 14

Mind Over Matter Makes Pooh UnFatter: {Part 1}

Everytime I see someone I haven't seen in a little while...or even a few months, I get asked the exact same question: "What are you doing to lose weight?"   I should have crafted a better answer by now, but the truthful response is long and detailed and generally not party-chatter.  

I decided to break my experiences down into a series of blogs, which hopefully will spark some inspiration for any friends wanting to embark on the skinny journey themselves.

The Reader's Digest version of the truth is this: Diet and Exercise.  But specifically, LOTS of exercise, and "diet", not "dieting".  

I've been jotting down all the "secrets" of my personal path to having nothing fit anymore for months now, and will share the following (and more!) in the coming days (which might mean weeks, depending on how distracted I am by my latest crafts:

*Jump starting weight loss (getting over my gym-aversion)

*How a having a baby made me skinnier than ever (and you can, too!)

*Myths about weight loss (breastfeeding isn't everyone's answer, that whole "diet is 80% of it" and other BS)

*Becoming a liberated, guilt-free skinny snacker

*Changing up my diet for life

*Keeping it off (Why I froze my gym membership)

Check back soon!


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