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Wednesday, August 15

Mind Over Matter Makes Pooh UnFatter { Part 2: My No Fail Plan to Jump Start Weightloss }

As soon as I got cleared to exercise after my c-section, my mind was set on losing weight. Not “baby weight”, which in my case, was a lot of actual baby and placenta and fluids and giant boobs rather than actual fat.  Well, the boobs probably were fat, because they certainly were not filled with milk...but the point is, because I was heavier than I wanted to pre-baby, I was careful not to gain extra while preg, and all that disappeared quickly. I wanted to lose the before-the-baby-weight.

I decided I needed to do something I had never tried before in an effort to lose the LBs:  Exercising.  Exercising a lot.

I never really “worked out” regularly in my whole life.  I would go on long walks and head to the gym when I had energy during pregnancy, but it was never a huge part of my daily life.  So, that’s what I changed.  I hit the gym hardcore, going basically every single day of the week, not making any excuses.  I had to physically go to the somewhere, because at home, there were too many distractions and it was far too easy for me to talk myself out of it.  I’m the queen of making excuses to myself, and I could seriously use ANYTHING to justify not working out. 

I just went, and I just did it. Nike.

I would drop tiny O off at my grandma’s, and go to the sweat lodge known as LA Fitness for as long as I could stand it, or before I felt the sting of my let-down.  I would not risk losing that milk for all the skinny in the world.    Sometimes I could be there for two and half hours, which is seriously a stupidly long time to be at that horrible place.  I almost cried more than a few times, but I stayed.  I mixed it up with cardio, weights, and then, just to keep it interesting, whatever class was going on at the time.  I took them all.  If you know me in real life, you know I am a) uncoordinated and b) not good at following directions.  So these classes were a serious struggle for me.  But being a fatty was a bigger struggle, and I chose the lesser of two evils.

It sucked. I hated every minute of it, except the minutes I was on my way out the door.

But it totally worked. I was losing about 8-9 pounds a month with those daily workouts, and NOT dieting at all (I was actually eating more calories than normal, in a desperate effort to increase my liquid gold production). After about 5 months, which flew by because I was so busy with my new schedule, I tapered off, and figured out some routines at home (more on those later) that would help me maintain my new weight (and actually lose even more!)

Here’s my tips if you are also a gym-hater, but wanting to see some results:

1.  No excuses. Everyone has time to workout, you just have to sacrifice something, be it more sleep,  downtime, facebook time, or time reading this blog (just kidding, don’t prioritize over that).  I had a newborn, the ball and chain of an intense milk-pumping schedule, and an out-of-shape fat ass.   If I could go to the gym, anyone could.  Also, I really REALLY hate the gym, and I really REALLY hate sweating.  Remember, I’m the person who never even owned a sports bra until like 4 months ago.  Physical activity was never my thing.   Just thinking of it now makes me freak out a little bit inside.  The thought of sweat dripping down my face makes me want to die.  But I did it, I went, and I wore a stupid sweatband and everything because I just wanted to lose weight.  

2.  If you can read a book or magazine, you're not really working that hard, and therefore your results won't be as drastic.  I didn't want to believe this, and part of me still doesn't want to, but it's true.  Work out harder.

 3. Doing something everyday is MUCH easier than doing something once in awhile.  Think about it…if you resolve to have working out be something you do everyday, no matter what, you are soooo much more likely to do it than if you resolve to do it “a few times a week”.  If you are anything like me, you will convince yourself that you will do it “tomorrow” over and over again.  I speak from experience.  

So, there it is.  The first part of my journey to skinny jeans.  I know it’s probably not what anyone wanted to hear, BUT I can promise you it 100% works.    So just do it.   Then come and share your story.

Part 3 coming soon...


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