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Saturday, August 25

Pirate's Lair {Major Energy Suck. Love}

This is a total follow up on my last post about our pending day at DL/food post.  Mainly, because it has to do with DL and food and really nothing to do with the actual previous post.  Also, this is a follow up to my previous post about little-known Disney gems.

One of the big reasons we love DL is because of the food.  The gumbo is by far the best I've ever had...the mint juleps...the freaking dole whip...the beignets...need I go on?? Because I can, for days.  Anyway, if we're going to enjoy an actual sit down meal at the park, that requires a sleeping O, because O lasts about 15 minutes at a nice restaurant.   I'm not complaining, that's totally normal for a 16-month old.  Sitting in a high chair is boring, I get it.  He doesn't quite understand the joy of gossip shared over a meal, I can deal with that.  

 I make it my mission to tire him out, so I can happily spend a lot of money on a lot of calories.  This is actually somewhat tricky at DL since what helps to tire him out is letting him run around.  You can't just let your baby run free, though,..there's like a little area in toon town and the petting zoo, and otherwise you're in crowded pedestrian areas and they're likely to trip themselves or someone else and you will get lots of dirty looks.  

Here's where Pirate's Lair came into play.  I hadn't been over to the little island since it belonged to Tom Sawyer.  It's amazing.  It's not crowded and little ones have tons of space to run around and explore.  Plus you go on a boat to get there.  Boys love boats like woah.

There's a lot of skulls, which, if you believe designers of baby boy clothes, everywhere, are the flowers of the little boy world.

There's water and ducks to chase, always a win for this family.

There's gold coins that they CAN'T CHOKE ON. Fabulous.

There's a graveyard, good time to start explaining death, I suppose??

And there's things for them to turn and pull on and push.  Oh, did I mention they can run amuck??? 

Big 'Ol win for you, DL.  We're happy to be back from our summer exile.  


Amanda said...

I will definitely be coming to you for all the DL insider tips when we go! Glad you guys had a good time! Love family outings!

Olivia Wells said...

Your little boy is adorable :)

xx Olivia

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