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Tuesday, August 7

Pretend City : Ultimate Playdate

Yesterday, Amy had the idea of going up to Pretend City in Irvine with Olivia and invited us along.  I'd heard amazing things about this uber interactive children's museum, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.  The whole place is set up like a little town with fully play-able buildings and features of every kind from a library to a police station, beach, garden, art studio, sports center, gas station, doctor and dentist offices, even a faux Daphne's restaurant and Ralph's grocery store.  We probably only explored half of the rooms.    

We met Jenna with Hunter and Ella and Ariana and Briley there too.  Even though it's in Irvine, I would say it is 100% worth the drive and I will absolutely go back.  

Confused about this "beach" indoors???

 At the "Marina" (read: water table ROOM)

Hunter showing Oliver how to use the water cannons

 Typical boys, crawling out these holes in the dentist's office instead of using the door...

 Briley with her shades on inside.  <3

 Amy found an area where the kids could dress up like olympians and take turns on the podium.  I stole this pic from her to show how Olivia was an amazing sport...  Seriously. 

...and just how traumatized O was to be baby Michael Phelps.  

So ungrateful to win the gold...

 Apparently, a career as a toy truck driver is more plausible??

You would know this was my kid by his sweet dance moves, right??

More dance

Olivia working the mic

 Who needs a mixing board when there are toys trucks?? I mean, really.

Sweet baby Ella just snacking on some pirate's booty..

Horribly overexposed, but it was the only pic with all four babes looking.  You get what you get, I guess.

The museum is $11 per person admission, but on the way out Ariana found these surveys you can take regarding your child's development in their particular age-range which ran in about 3-month increments.  If you fill out the survey and mail it back to Pretend City, they will send you a free ticket.  Then, you can take the survey for the next age-range and keep getting free tickets.  I didn't make this up, it says that right on the survey.  I may or may not have grabbed a stack of surveys, so if anyone wants one, let me know :)

Afterwards, we decided to drive just a little up the road to Disney to have lunch at the Jazz Kitchen and see Becca, since she was there celebrating her bday.  Despite having just played HARD for two and half hours, and it being way past nap time, O was a huge champ the whole time a huge score for mom and dad to eat some cajun food in peace.  

Thank you so much, little man.  I know you won't remember this day, but it was awesome.   


Danielle Vigneault said...

Next time you go call me up!! Mason would so love this place!

Kindy Lunde said...

I want a survey!!! That place looks awesome!!!

thetormeys said...

i think April and i are gonna check this out next week, do you still have any surveys by any chance? hehe :)

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