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Sunday, August 12

Sarah & Willie's Wedding

Sarah and Willie's wedding was at one of my favorite places, Leo Carrillo Ranch.  I love it there, I used to eat lunch there often when I was interning.  The venue was perfect for Sarah's Cowboy Rustic Chic nuptials.

And get ready....I shed a serious tear or two.

Background:  Sarah had a baby girl, London, 5 years ago and London's biological father was never in the picture.  Fast forward to Sarah meeting and falling for Willie.  During their vows, Sarah reveals she has secretly already processed adoption paperwork, naming Willie London's father and changing her last name, just in time for kindergarden.  As a mom, I can't even handle it now.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house, not even mine.

Okay, enough emotion, let's look at pretty things...


thetormeys said...

why am i such a wedding addict? love everything about this wedding! adoption, name change, kindergarten! i die. <3

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