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Tuesday, August 7

Sayonara, Nursery!

It's a sentimental day for me as we officially undid O's little baby nursery.  Well, at least I painted the ceiling and walls in the new room this past weekend, took apart the crib and reassembled it all by myself with relatively little damage.  Oh, except for the black eye I gave myself attempting to move a queen sleeprest mattress, boxspring and bed frame by myself because I'm too impatient to wait for help. I did manage to move it all myself though.  Ty wants me to work on my self-reliance.  Take that, now you have a wife with a black eye. 

His new room is a huge on-going project, but for now, I went through my phone and iphoto for a look back on his very first little bitty room.

circus mobile <3

 I could never decide on fancy bedding, so I never upgraded him from his basic green.  Next room, I'm craving some aden + anais sheets...stupidly priced, but I feel justified in that I never got around to getting him nice bedding the first time.

 Bree's mom Diane is an incredibly talented painter and made this for me for my shower and I have loved it so, so much.  So, regardless of whether O grows out of the circus theme, this will be going with him to college.  

<3 <3 <3

 I put this sofa in the nursery in place of a rocker or glider, not for any reason other than it's part of a sectional that was too big for our bedroom, but mainly because it's the most perfect napping couch ever.

With a nod to Muzzy (you know, "these children aren't French, they're American")                      "Oliver's Circus" in French (I hope...I never really verified that...maybe I would know for sure if someone would have bought me Muzzy as a child :/ MOM??? Are you reading this???)

 Uncle Goose blocks

 Floating book shelves
(if you attempt this at home, beware, you need a million of the actual shelves to support just a tiny amount of weight.  There are three in this stack alone.)

 I love this ikea clock for the design, and the functionality.  It opens up and has shelves inside!

 I get asked a lot about my cloth diapering system.  This is my diaper pail, a zippered Planet Wise wet bag inside and Ikea pop-up basket.  

"Circus" isn't the easiest theme to put together a nursery with...but do NOT underestimate my ability to find a way to theme-up even the conventional boppy.

 Diaper pins for the early days when I could attempt to use pre folds and covers...

 Jelly Cat obsessed

 so, yeahhh, O has a TV in his nursery.  WAIT! Don't call the AAP on me, he doesn't watch it, it's for me, when I'm in there cleaning.  It was a wedding present that we didn't have anywhere else to put. 

I'm still unsure of the design direction the new nursery is going in, since it's a large room and will serve as a playroom, as well.  All I have so far is a color palette of aqua and chartreuse.  

It's the end of an era, but we are on to new and bigger (boy) things.  


Amanda said...

Whatever you do will be fabulous! You have an eye for design and decorating! I'll hire you when its time to do Q's room!

melbeard said...

I heart your diaper system! I just have a large, boring, ugly wet bag hanging on a chair by our washer and dryer. Boo! Thanks for the idea!!!

thetormeys said...

Jelly Cat stuffies are the best, Avery sleeps with a stuffed chick and it is the softest thing in the world! oh and we also have a tv in her room, we just moved her into a bigger room and the tv was in there so we left judgement ;) such a cute room!

rachel said...

thanks, friend!!! and i definitely appreciate the no judgement on the t.v. haha. i got a LOT of flack on baby center b/c of that!

Kristin said...

Oh it was so cute I'm sure it will look great when you are done!

Allison McGregor said...

Rachel, I'm so glad you found! I love your blog as well! Us SD gals stick together! I love all of these pictures! Jelly Cat obsessed as well!


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