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Sunday, August 19

That Awkward Moment When Your Panties Fall Out Of Your Jeans...In Church.

Abercrombie and Fitch was having their jeans sale this weekend, and I took full advantage of it.  Yes, I'm aware that is very 15-year old of me.  But I'm also aware that they make the best jeggings on the planet.  Yeah, I said jeggings.  In this case, they're really just a super, super skinny jean (read NOT denim colored leggings), but since Abercrombie already has a "skinny" style and a "super skinny" style, I guess they had to get creative.   They're insanely comfortable, albeit lowww, but come highly recommended from someone who is incredibly picky about their jeans.

Anyway, the last pair of jeggs I bought in June is too big now, and I went to replace them and my everyday jeans.  Major downside of losing weight = replacing your clothes constantly.

So, there I am this morning, sitting in church in one of my new pairs, blissfully enjoying my Sunday donut.  Don't worry, I only eat the frosted part, saves a few cals.  I cross my legs and I notice some black lace sticking out of the bottom of my jeans.  I pull it out and realize it's a thong.  I of course think "these are new jeans, these must be someone else' disgusting!"

I relax a little, recognizing it is in fact, my underwear. It must have gotten stuck in my pants after I tried them on last night, and apparently then stripped naked.  I can't really remember the details. And I can't relax too much either, because I'm sitting in church with balled-up panties in my hand.  I have nowhere to put them because my diaper bag was checked in with O in Sunday school, and it's not like I can run in the nursery and be like "Hi, I'm Oliver's mom, I have to put this lacy black thong in his bag real quick!"

Moral of the story: Don't be lazy when you take your pants off.  Or else your panties may come back to haunt you.

Hope you all had a happy Sunday.


MOnette said...

bwahahah _ greatest story ever!

Emily said...

I have had this happen too!! Not at church though - that's the ultimate. I was in class and felt a lump in my thigh... go to the bathroom, find a pair of underwear. So, so ashamed.

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