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Wednesday, August 1

The Little Things In Life (In Pictures)

The Dahlias I've been waiting for are finally blooming

This is for Becca (and Nick).  This is the sign to the shop where you can find all that weird stuff Ty always talks about.  Told you, you can't miss it!

Testing out some new muffin recipes

 Scrambled Eggs with Comte', Oatmeal muffins and fresh squeezed OJ

 Recovery time = crafty time!

 Turtle Reef with Papa

 Turtle belly

 "I like turtles"
Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about...


Amanda said...

Tosh.o!!!! Also I have given up on muffin recipes as Quinn will aggressively throw them at the ground and in my face....nice. And I'm intrigued by this clock you have made...details please.

rachel said...

hahahahahaha yesss!!! I'm glad you got the reference!!! so the clock isn't finished yet, but it's broken, so it was perfect for a project! i'm painting it (because it had a bunch of french words i didn't understand) and setting it to O's time of birth!

And I LOL'd at Quinn throwing muffins!!! I'm surprised I haven't gotten a muffin to the face yet!!

MariaSelf said...

He's just so unbelievably adorable, Rachel!

thetormeys said...

good ol' Holiday Wine Cellar...oh the memories from this place wayyyyy back in the day ;)

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