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Friday, August 3

Well Baby + A Day At the Track

O had his 15 month Well Baby today.  It's a little late because we switched ped's and she was booked way in advance.  Ty didn't have work today, so he came with us, and I was thrilled to have the help...O is not a fan of having his ears and teeth checked.  But, some good news, his top two canines are finally almost out!! Hallelujah!
He's doing great everywhere else.

Farm animal game on dad's phone while we waited for the Dr.

 After that, we picked up my cousin, also named Tyler, to hang out with him one last time before he moves to Austin next week.   We decided to head down to Del Mar for the horse races, a somewhat sentimental activity for us cousins. 

Growing up, our Grandma used to take my cousins and I to the track.  I didn't think there was anything sketchy about it at all...she'd hand us the books and we'd get to place bets.  We (well, not the guys, but Bethanny and I) would usually just pick horses who had something, anything, to do with the Backstreet Boys...i.e. if the horse was from their homestate or happened to don one of the boy's fave colors, we felt like it was a sign.  Oddly enough, I remember winning, a lot.  So, obviously, we were on to something.

It wasn't till I was an adult I realized it was kind of weird that Grandma would take her young   Grandkids gambling, but hey, we made some solid memories at that track.

...and they're off...

I placed all my bets (except one) today based on Tyler's suggestions, and they all lost.  I blame it on not using the proven BSB trivia method.  

In the end, the only one I chose won, and I came out a whopping $1.80 ahead.  We had a good time, so I'll take it. 

But, next time, unless the horse is named "I Want It That Way",  I'm going to think twice before I lay  down the cash.  Wagers gets expensive when Grandma isn't funding it for you anymore.

Oh, and just so you all don't think I'm exaggerating about the Gambling Grandma (e.i. husband who always thinks I  am making up stories from my childhood)....I come home tonight and learn that, surprise, surprise...guess who was also at the track today???  Yup.  The little red 'fro herself. She just can't get enough.  I love her. 


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