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Wednesday, September 19

17 Months. What?? I Almost Have A Year And Half Year Old

I know I've been saying it every month, but what the heck.  You're almost a year and a half.  You know what that means.  Once you're six months away from your next birthday, I'm not going to feel as crazy talking about your next Bday party.  Other people will still think I'm crazy, no doubt, but at least I won't feel it as much.

It's been another amazing month with you.  How is each month even better than the last?  This month, you have found really your rhythm.  You LOVE to dance, at commercials you hear, at theme songs or anytime you hear a jam you like playing on the iPad.  Your moves are not quite as smooth as mine, but in time, you will get there.  

You're still big, people still think you're a two year old (we've even gotten three year old, twice!!) We bought your first pair of size 7 shoes. Geez Louise.

You have 16 teeth.  I am relieved for you.

Mental Development:
This month you continued jabbering non-stop.  Your intonation has really stepped up this month.  I love answering your babbling questions with non-sensical answers.   You're going to think I'm so weird one day.  We've been working with blocks a ton this month to boost that impulse control.  You love your big Duplo blocks and your Haba blocks, stacking high towers and toppling them. 

Gross Motor Skill:
You learned to "stretch" this month.  I have to get a video of you stretching with me.

Fine Motor Skills:
You love using your fork and look for applause every time you successfully stab your green bean and get it in your pie hole.  It was really cute three days ago.  Now, I think you might be getting a complex and require constant applause. 

Some New Words This Month:
Moo (what you call your cow)
  Woof Woof
No No
Moooooom (different from Mama b/c you say it when I'm not bending to your "immediate" need fast enough..super drawn out like a whiney teenager)
Ta-Da! ( Grandma taught you to throw your hands up and say Ta-Da! after you do, like, anything you think is worthy of praise.
Tyler (which you say "Ty-Lah") is hands down my favorite.

My favorite thing this month, when you hear Dada come home, you run to the window and yell "Ty-Lah! Dada!" Your father doesn't find it quite as funny as I do.  If you can't see from a window and you hear a car come up the driveway or someone at the door you quickly yell out the names of your favorite people to greet, "Nana, Dada, Ty-Lah!" super quickly all strewn together.  I love it.

We've spent a lot of time hanging out with cousin Eli this month, he's taught you some fun tricks like how to throw the couch cushions on the ground to pad your inevitable leap. 

I think we've laughed this month more than any other month.  You find joy in so much it amazes me.  The other day we were playing with Mrs. Potato Head (yeah, we have a girl's what we had before you, deal with it) and you thought it was hilarious to try to put her glasses on yourself and then on me and then decided to put her hat and glasses on Chaucer.  Before I knew it, poor Chauc was covered in your shoes, diapers, books, binx...anything you could find.  I hope he doesn't hate you.

You have been the most liberal this month with your kisses, high fives and hugs.  Coming from two non overly affectionate parents, I am happy to see you express yourself this way.  But you don't have to give high fives to everyone at Trader Joe's that passes our cart.  Really, you don't.
Love you more than anything, baby.



Monique said...

I couldn't help but smile to read this letter from momma to baby boy :) - it goes by so fast, I really am loving this age, I love the joy and happiness Naja hasa, and your excitement just exudes in this post - love it!

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