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Saturday, September 8

Dapper Day

A few months ago when we were in Palm Springs, my friend Allison told me about an event called Dapper Day they hold twice a year at DL, WDW in Orlando and DL Paris.  It reminded her of Ty, naturally.  Since he works in high-end haberdashery, he dresses like it. All the time.  Yeah, it's cute, except not when you just want to wear your Zella leggings and your husband is in three pieces and a bowtie.  Bowtie Friday?  It's Bowtie Monday-thru-Friday in this house.  It makes me completely fashion insecure.  I was intrigued by the idea of being able to go to DL and Ty NOT be confused for a Dapper Dan or a French Market cast member.  

Dapper Day was inspired by the original artist renderings for Disney, where the sketches showed extremely well dressed families attending the parks.  Inspired by that nostalgia, the event is not associated with the mouse officially, but is merely organized by those desiring to mingle in style.  The party includes the Dapper Derby and goes way into the night at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki bar.  Also awesome is that the organizers arrange special ticket rates, so attendees could get into to DL for only $45.  Unheard of these days...we have annual passes, but still, that's less than 1/2 a regular ticket! 

Let me tell you, Dapper Day was LEGIT.  There were 5,000 RSVP's on Facebook alone, and the crowd was flooded with the well dressed. Most people went a little retro (based on the artists drawings, surely, or the time period when DL was opened)...but there was a wide variety of ensembles.  What makes me want to go back now everytime is how NICE everyone was.  Every guy we passed literally tipped their hats, girls complimented us...just think, how often do people tell you you look lovely as you pass them in the street, especially other girls??? Everyone was wishing you a Happy Dapper was genuinely such a happy freaking atmosphere.

I'm in for life. 
Even though Ty got WAY more attention than he ever needed,  I'm still proud to be on his arm.

Now for some photos...

Dinner at Ralph Brennen's Jazz Kitchen.  I'm obsessed with Brennen's since I went to the one in NOLA. We go here far too often.

I assumed it would be mainly a younger crowd attending, but I loved seeing so many middle-aged adults and grandparents dressing up and toting their grandchildren along in penny loafers and boaters.

I particularly enjoyed this Grandpa who attached ears to his Havana hat.

Loved seeing younger kids involved..I can't wait to take O.  He's going to be the baby Dapper king.

Get your outfits ready, Dapper Day Spring 2013 will be here in February.


cait said...

you both look lovely! and i want to go SO BADLY!!! what a fun evening :)

MOnette said...

Just gorgeous daah-leeng.
p.s. your blog readership/comments needs go wayy up, so I don't feel like a stalker!

rachel said...

lol i agree monette!! i'm really bad at promoting it!!! Caitlin, you and Jeff are welcome to come out for the next one!!!!!! we would absolutely LOVE to have you!!! :)

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