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Tuesday, September 18

Lactation Cookies {AKA} Milk Makers {AKA} PURE MAGIC

You know what a freshly-baked batch of lactation cookies means...there's going to be a new baby here any day now. 

I made these for myself and my sister-in-law last year and they were amazing.  They tasted like heaven, totally satisfied that ravenous, breast-feeding hunger, and gave a definite boost in supply. Kindy's exact words were that they were magic and she doesn't lie!

I use this recipe from Noel Trujillo and I add in my own secret milk booster by emptying about 20 of these capsules into the batter before you add chocolate chips.  The capsules have a distinct maple taste, which makes the cookies amazing.  Seriously. To die for delicious.  Don't read the nutrition facts, in this rare instance, because you're doing a good thing by feeding your child with your body, I think not reading them means they don't exist.

You can buy the brewer's yeast at any health food or home brewing store {I use champagne/wine yeast} and no, it won't get you or your baby drunk.   

...Because there is no such thing as too much milk.

Enjoy {even when you're not nursing, they're that delicious, promise}.




Laura said...

I'm going home to make cookies right now! Looks delish. ps. love your blog:)

rachel said...

Thanks, Laura!! Enjoy the cookies. I'm sorry if you get addicted, but they are the most guilt-free cookies b/c they're doing good work!!! :)

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