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Thursday, September 13

O's Nursery {the ReMix} DIY's Feat. The Alphabet Wall

I haven't posted any recent updates to O's new room, so here's a sneak peak at some of my efforts.  

The room so far has received new wall color, new ceiling color and new crown molding.  That was the entire first season of Downton Abbey on Netflix in itself...which now, I need to re-watch since I was just listening to it while painting.  

Then there is my alphabet wall, that I have an irrational love/hate relationship with.
The special part about the wall is it's fastening.  I first tried nailing the letters, but O apparently has Samson strength (must be the curls, I bet Samson had curls) and would rip the letters off the wall and there were flying nails and drywall and know, generally not good practice for toddlers.  Anyway, Ty, either jokingly or genius-ly, suggested I just attach the letters to the wall with hook and loop, instead.  

It totally worked.  Who freaking knew how strong that stuff is??? (apparently my husband)...

Not only that, but my decorative wall just turned into some sort of interactive tactile letter learning experience where O can rip off the letters, which is obviously really fun, and stick them back in the correct place.  I have to hold him up for some of the higher ones, which is a nice workout for me too, jackpot. jkflslfbwfeyuwf.  That's how excited I got when I realized this.  Love you, Alphabet wall.

I needed something on this wall, but I'm still not willing to commit to anything.  Temporary solution?  Fabric wrapped canvas.  I made these like three years ago for our guest room.  I needed something to match my super hipster Urban Outfitters duvet, and I realized after multiple trips to Home Goods that actual wall art doesn't match that crap.  

{Hipster duvet is now spending retirement as a toddler play date picnic blanket}

Anyway,  I figure when I can decide on some cute quotes or images, I'll paint or stencil onto the fabric, but for now, they give cute pops of color on their own.

One of my favorite DIY's in this room was made by my SIL, and given to O for his first birthday.  I'm completely obsessed with his growth chart.  I've been using colored pencils to document his growth every few months.  I seriously love this, and I'm keeping it 4eva.

Finally, that painted curtain rod pin got the best of me.  I love the green poking through the curtain, though.  Pretty easy for decent impact.

More coming soon...pending I'm not killing myself in the gym on pounding the pavement in the neighborhood, power walking, not running, of course.  Lucky for you, decorating is so much more fun than working out. 


Lindsay said...

Love your alphabet wall! Great color combination :) I used Velcro to hang mine up too - amazing stuff.

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