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Thursday, September 6

Pipe Cleaners Are My Besties Today

It was just one of those days. We headed out to the Wild Animal Park to meet up with Amanda and Quinn this morning.  I would normally have pictures except Amanda and I had some serious stuff to discuss (well, not really "serious", but we hadn't met up in awhile, so there was lots of updating) and O decided to run and trip 20 times and suicide dive out of the playground jeeps over and over again and lose his mind when I wouldn't let him get close to the fighting goats in the petting zoo. 

As always happens though, he makes up for his shenanigans with taking a four and a half hour nap (!) , which prompted me to nap a little. Daytime naps always leave me groggy, so when we woke up and I needed to finish putting together the guest/craft room, I needed a quick baby activity, as my energy fading fast. 

Enter a $1 pack of pipecleaners.  All I did was curl and scrunch a few and toss them in a box.  It was such an easy, new tactile experience.  O spent thirty minutes manipulating them, throwing them in the air, trying to figure out why they would stick together, and putting them back in the box one by one.  And repeat.

It was just what I needed to allow me to get a few things done. Loved it. 

For everyone that messaged with travel advice and tips, we are booking our reservations tonight and will spend upwards of 3 hours tomorrow at the walk-in post office in temecula getting expedited updated passports.  I never thought I would be so excited to spend 3 hours sitting anywhere. 

Off to celebrate with some white pizza and Sofia Reisling.  



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