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Friday, September 7

Three Ingredient Chocolate Truffles

 I got this recipe a few years back from our friend Jeremy, and have been making truffles a few times a year ever since.  I'm obsessed with them, and they are a total hit with everyone that I give them too.  Ty's boss frequently texts me asking to send them to work with Ty.  Last Christmas, I mixed it up and made a peppermint variety and ended up dropping off more to friends the same day I gave them to them. See what I mean?  Totally addictive.

All you need are three ingredients:

One bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
One package of Oreo cookies (I use Jo Jo's from TJ's, Peppermint Jo Jo's in the winter)
One brick of cream cheese
Sprinkles or other topping (optional)

In a food processor, combine the cookies and cream cheese.  You could smash the cookies and combine cream cheese yourself, but you might hate me after a few minutes.  It gets tedious doing it be hand, trust me.  

Your dough should look like this, kind of like a poor mans caviar.

Roll the dough into bite-sized balls and set on a pan.

Pop the pan into the freezer for about half an hour to harden up a bit.  While in the freezer, melt chocolate chips.  I recommend using a double broiler or one these fabulous little chocolatiers because chocolate burns so easily, but you can microwave in increments if you wish.  

Dip the balls  into the melted chocolate and let dry on a cookie sheet.  I decorate mine with a Trader Joe's "Elegant Cocoa Pearls" for extra fanciness (and they add a nice crunch) !

Keep refrigerated until serving and enjoy!


Amanda said...

Totes doing this for the holidays! Thanks lady!

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