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Monday, September 3

To Labor or Not to Labor Today

My head wanted to work today, but my heart wanted nothing more than to veg.  I thought I would at least share about the delish truffles I made last night, and the mexican feast we had yesterday thanks to the Pioneer Woman....but all that went out the window when I realized Secret Life was streaming on netflix.  4 seasons.   So now, all you're going to get is me telling you what I will be working on during naptime the next few days while I soak in a lot of  middle-aged Bo Duke (or is that Luke Duke??) and Molly Ringwald in the background while I research for the following.  

Vacation Planning:  
Ty just found out he has 18 days vacation we have to use in the next two months.  It's a use it or lose it situation.  We're big travel lovers, and haven't been able to take a real vacation since before we got pregnant when we went to NYC.  I'm dying to go somewhere.  Sans toddler.  Not because I want to  escape from O, but more because Ty and I desperately need the time away, just the two of us.  And despite traveling to countless cities and I think 16 or 17 countries together, and twice that apart, we've never taken a relaxing vacation together.  Instead, we insist on taking a 12-hour tour of ancient ruins,   hike in the rainforest to swim in freaking freezing cold water, and have extremely unsettling massages in Turkish bath houses {Warming: Despite their deceptive name, there are NO bath tubs at Turkish Bathes. Don't make the same mistake as me.  That's a story for another day, though} 

The point is, it's been a rough year or so, we need this.  I wrote out all the stressful events that had taken place in the past year (health probs I've shared about, and many I haven't, surgeries, deaths, selling our first house, hunting for our next one all the while not knowing where Ty's job is going to take us, ect..) and it literally stressed me out remembering it all.  I don't share a lot of my strife because I'm not one of those people who gets anything out of sharing, other than feeling bad that other people now feel bad for me.  Also, I feel incredibly lucky to have a sexy husband and an adorable, hilarious son I spend all day laughing with, so I hate complaining.  Ty will laugh at that, because he thinks I'm a master complainer, but I also just called him sexy two sentences ago, so I'm hoping he remembers that.  But yikes. There's been a LOT of physical and mental stress.  

We need to get away. 

So, now where to go??
 I want pretty clear water, and with options of things to do IF we decide to be adventurous.  The current options are Hawaii, Belize and Cancun.  Give me any feedback you should have to help me make a decision!!  I need to narrow this down and book things ASAP!  

Hope you all had a lovely and relaxing long weekend!


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