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Friday, September 28

Where I've Been

If you're my friend on FB, you probably understand my recent hiatus this past week or so.  I was busy throwing my stuff together for a spur of the moment mini-trip to Hawaii to see Allyse.  I'm not a spontaneous person by any stretch of the imagination, so this was good for me.  It was basically only two days in Ko Olina, but it was awesome, and I'll fill you all in with the pics and stories ASAP.  Even though it was a mini-trip, it was a rush to pack, love on O before I left, coordinate a bunch of baby photo shoots (everyone is having babies right now!! what was in the water 10 months ago??) and now get re-adjusted to pacific standard time.  

Funny how 5 hours on a plane is so much more appealing after you have children... 

While I was gone, Coco took over some photo duty for me, so I have a lot of pictures to edit, clothes to wash and unpack and my little love to smother with kisses and cuddles and a pineapple stuffed animal souvenir.  Be back soon with the good stuff..


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