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Wednesday, October 24

18 Months: Happy Half Birthday!!

Happy Half Birthday, my darling boy!  This month has truly been an explosion of learning for you.  We went on lots of little day trips recently, to Disney for Halloween Time, to Julian with the McDougals, to multiple pumpkin patches, spent a lot of time with cousin, to the Wild Animal Park like three times, ect.  You have had so many fun adventures.

Motor Skills:
Dancing. Omg. You are adorable with your dancing, because it's almost non stop.  You started using your hands and shoulders to dance this month.  You will sit on your musical rocking horse for 20 minutes at a time, dancing with your upper body to the different songs.  You will bounce your head in time to music while eating in your high chair.  

You learned to catch a ball.

You can jump with both feet. I’m sorry for laughing when you fall.

Mental Development:
Some of the new words this month (you speak over 50 different words now, crazy town!!)
*Bubble (which is currently your favorite thing, you request bubbles all day long)
*PooPoo (Thank you Peyton Rose for teaching him this one!!)  He’s been grabbing his diaper and saying “Poo—(long pause)—poo” when he needs a change.  Step towards potty training!
*Ouch (when he falls down)
*Oh No
*Chaucer (Daucer)
*Duck (and Quack, Quack)

New Sentances:
“There it is!” (i.e. “there it is woof woof” when Betsey “Bes” comes to the door or you see dogs on our walks)
“There you are!” (when playing peek-a-boo)

Funny Stuff:
 Since Mommy and Daddy were off on a much needed mini-second honeymoon, you spent a lot of time with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.  I can’t even express into words how much they love watching you.  After spending so much time with them, you started mimicking Grandpa, including walking around with you hands behind your back (any relatives will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about).  Grandma said you would kiss framed pictures of me.  Way to melt a Mama’s heart. 

I taught you to smell flowers instead of grabbing them.  While I was making a headband for a baby photo shoot, you proceeded to “smell” all the fabric flowers, taking HUGE whiffs of them.  Where did you get your flair for the dramatic, my dear??  Certainly not from moi. :/

You watch me blow on your food frequently, and you started to do it as well, again, very puff out your cheeks, blow, bite and say “mmmmm”.

The Bad News:
When you finished getting those 16 teeth, I thought we were going to be done with teething for awhile.  But I think you’re getting your last molars now.  We seriously can’t get a break there, not cool. 

Mama loves you more than anything, baby!


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