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Monday, October 8

Annalyse Newborn Photo Shoot

I was beyond excited to get to photograph baby Annalyse this past week.  Her mama is my friend Laura, and we go wayyy back to my early days at Cal State.  We bonded over the years in college, AXiD, and even roomed together on that infamous SWAT trip (remember that, Laura?!? and BreeAnn Montes?!?)  Now we're both married with is moving way too fast.  

Anyway, enough nostalgia, here's the lovely baby Annalyse...

Annalyse did not dig the whole photograph naked and asleep thing too much, and frankly, I don't blame her!!  If I think about it, that is probably my worst fear, or at least Top 10...

Little Princess

I had to include this little outtake... baby girl covering up her lady parts for the nudie shots.  So classy already!!!

...and a quick shot of pretty mama and baby.  



Amanda said...

Those first four shots are amazing, well they all are but those are my favorite!! Great work!

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