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Wednesday, October 17

Apple Picking & Our Day Out in Julian

I've been dying to go Apple picking, ever since our friend Amanda posted about a great little orchard in Julian.  Well, we were finally able to get a little crew together to head up the mountains.  I love, love, love going places with the McDougals, not only because they are fabulous company, but since Brooke is a pro photographer, the trips are always well-documented!  

I was thrilled for O to get to play with Jude and Joelle, they're all such good play mates for each other.  We picked apples, which is a completely fun family tradition I want to do every year now, played on the playground of the little elementary school there, and had a fairly uneventful, delightful lunch...obviously, a huge win when you have 3 toddlers with you.

Check out our day (all photos here courtesy of Brooke of Brooke Aliceon Photography)!

I'll start off with this little gem of a family photo...

...and a more redeeming one...

 Tyler and Jude have a special bond

O showing Joelle his best downward dog


Even more normal...

I'll update with more pics once blogger decides to let me access my google drive..grrr



thetormeys said...

we did this last year! such a cute little orchard but we went when there was an "apple festival" going on and it was insane. clearly i didn't do proper research before we left ;)

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