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Wednesday, October 17

Because You're Dying to See ANOTHER Baby in Pumpkin Patch, Right???

Last year, we went out to Nate's Butt Farm Bates Nut Farm like every other good San Diegan has to, to take pictures of our firstborn and his cousin, Eli propped onto pumpkins.  It's basically a rite of passage for parents, right?  I mean, I literally think I see more baby/toddler/child pumpkin pictures smattered on FB than anything else, like ever. 

Our schedules are hectic, but luckily, we were able to meet up today with Kindy and Eli for some fun at the patch (and surprisingly, it wasn't at Bates!)

But first, let's look back at the nuggets last year....

...this was all quite funny.
Maybe not to him...

Fast forward through the quickest year EVER and we are here:

O doing his best brooding model...Eli enjoying some snacks..

I know you're dying to know how we had so much pumpkin-y fall fun without the stupid crowds at Bates.  We went to Pumpkin Station at the RB Pinery.  Does Bates have a bad ass corn maze??  I know they have a straw maze...not sure how legit it is, but this thing was actually really cool. Really.

Probably my favorite part of the day.  Ever the opportunist, Eli found an ear of corn to munch on.   
Yum, rock hard corn.

our little deers in the headlights..

So yeah, the place is wayyy smaller than Bates, but seriously, it's way closer to town, and we practically had the place to ourselves. They have hay/tractor rides, all the same gourds and pumpkins (dare I say, even better ones??) and a small petting zoo with chickens, goats, "baaa's" (sheep)...basically plenty for toddlers and small kids.  

Until next year!



Amanda said...

Totally checking this out. Bates is awesome but with the crowds and heat it quickly becomes a nightmare!!

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