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Wednesday, October 24

Don't Stop Belize-in

We're home from Belize!!  We had an absolutely amazing time on our "second honeymoon".  To be honest, I juts wanted to relax...and I did that.  But after like 2 hours I realized why I've never taken one of these sit-at-the-beach vacays.  I don't relax well.  So, I immediately sought out adventures that included taking out a sail boat when neither me or Ty know how to sail, and I got knocked off the front at the Barrier Reef, and ended up with my snorkeling with GIANT sting rays, moray eels (umm grossest things EVER!) and sharks!!! Tons and tons of 7-8 ft nurse sharks.  I still can't believe I did it...anyway, I'll post more about the vacay in detail soon, but here's a few pics to start with while I sort through the other 2,000..yes, there are that many :/

Ty sailing, round 2. Note, I am not on the boat this time.

Our fave joint


Coco Beach

Back with more soon, promise!



Amanda said...

So glad you had a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it! Also I am a big journey fan (mainly when I drink this song is blaring) so needless to say I appreciate the title! ;)

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