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Monday, October 1

"Wait, Did You Just Go Hawaii For Like Two Days?"

I've been asked that three times since coming home, and yeah, I did. I can't say no to crazy cheap airfare, clear waters and Ty home from work for a few days, plus babysitters on standby clamoring to watch O.

Despite being the most spur of the moment girls trip ever out to see Allyse,  it was awesome.  I didn't take my camera because Coco was on stand-by for a birth (yay!!) and was taking over hospital photography duties for me, so forgive my MyTouch pics. 

Allyse moved to Oahu for business and she has a cute condo in Ko Olina.  I'm a sucker for a master planned community, obviously I was a fan.  Allyse had to work part of the trip, so B and I basically laid out, swam, snorkeled with turtles, kayaked, check out the North Shore, partied with three ships worth of sailors (just kidding) ate a lot (not kidding) and walked all over Ko Olina. 


Waikiki at night

Allyse at Dole Plantation

I should have never given Brandon quarters for koi food...

Because then this happened...disgusting...

Allyse, B and Brandon, being super touristy at the Dole Plantation.

My fave people looking for turtles...

Wait, is that racist??

I got really confused/annoyed by all these "best shave ice"'s ice and syrup...sometimes ice can it be better different at places???

With B and Allyse at the North Shore

On our drive home from the North Shore

Sock Bunnin' on Oahu...
Wanna know why we have a private beach?  Because it's like 7am.  We went hard, all day and all night in Hawaii.

Black Swans

Allyse told us there would be a lot of Japanese weddings.  I love Asians, so naturally, I loved it.

I was thinking of making a calendar...except my art director/photographer forgot to tell me I still had my cool trucker hat on.  Not a super sexy look.  Way to have my back, B!  

The sign. 
It made me laugh, and then, because I'm a parent and already own three completely unnecessary dogs, it made me shiver with fear.

Thank you again to Allyse for putting us up!!! We loved it! We love you!! xoxoxo


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