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Monday, October 15

Where've I Been

If you haven't noticed, I've been a HUGE slacker on the blog lately.  But it's for good cause!!  We're on VACATION!!!  Well, Ty is anyway, which means we all kind of are.  At least I'm acting like it.   It's his first time off work in over two years...seriously..the guys only took two days off when I had O..TWO...he originally was only going to take the day of off, and three days off when his Grandpa passed away, so we're making this count, cramming every day full of fun, seeing as many friends as we can (sorry if we have annoyed any of you with our pleas and demands to hang out...jk...I'm not sorry. We want to see you!) and sprinkling in a little relaxation when we can.

I've been making a huge effort to really soak in these two weeks, who knows when he'll be able to do this again.  He'll be completely consumed with work starting end of this month until after New Years, so I've been focused on living in the moment and relishing our family togetherness while we have it.  

Since Ty is never home during prime baby-watching times (i.e. basically not home at all when O is awake) it's been a huge, welcome relief to take a step back from being the only one handling dirty diapers, our laundry (you've seen the way he dresses?? It equates complex laundering) and cooking.  Since I obsessively prepare O's meals as fresh and "green" as I can, I swear I end up spend at least 45 minutes to an hour a day just preparing breakfast and lunch for O and I, such a drag, sometimes...but Ty made ME lunch today...huge treat, around here..even if it was just chicken nuggets that O stole from my hands.  I even napped when O napped.  Normally, nap time is catch up on cleaning, and Wii fit time.  But I streamed Netflix, snoozed, and it was glorious, then Wii-fit-ted while O and Ty played and had "school".

I'll post as many pics as I can tomorrow of what we've been up to specifically,where we've gone, some of the latest newborn pics, ect. and then we are off on our actual vacation! Woo freakin' hoo!!!

Life is good.



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