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Wednesday, October 17

Wilderness Explorer Camp AKA "Up!" Camp

So of course with Ty being on vacay, we were obligated to hit up California Adventure, and as we always seem to do, we found a new place to spend a good part of the day: Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.  If you've seen the movie Up!, the trail is based on Russell's boy scout adventures.  It's suitable for walkers to older children and is full of trails, caves, slides, rope swings, a zip line type thing, look out points and so so many rope suspension bridges.  

O has a blast running free, checking out all the animal paw prints on the trails, and of course climbing over endless rope bridges.  I highly recommend this as yet another DL energy zapper for toddlers.  

Love how excited he gets when he spies Daddy AKA the Paps

Looking out on the park

Ready for WAY too many pics of slide time???

Loved it...going back for more..over and over and over again...

gotta stop for shoe tying...

Check out Ty's face.  Gorgeous.  You're so jealous.



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