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Monday, November 19

19 Months! {What is happening??}

Another month has literally flown by.  We celebrated the anniversary of your surgery, your second halloween, and many new little milestones.  I can't tell you how much joy you bring me each day.  I love watching you play so independently, and I love when you want me to play with you.  I love how you will pull at my sleeve and say up to get me to chase you with your toy vacuum.  I love your infectious laugh.  I snuck into your room the other night and cuddled you when I couldn't sleep.  I love listening to you breathing.
Motor Skills:
Remember last month when you learned to jump with both feet?  Well, apparently, you enjoy this particular skill, because you jump all the time now. You've become a regular hopper.   

You learned how to crawl into the tall captains chairs outside.  Terrifying/proud moment for mommy.  You have the upper body strength I have always lacked. 

Mental Development:
Some of the new words this month 
*Mom (much more frequent now than mama)
*Thank You (an improved version of Thank You)
*Here I am

You've been saying it for awhile, but by far your favorite word this month is ball.  Everything round is a ball, except of course, your beloved bapples!

Animal Sounds:
You added an Owl, Lizard, Snake, Bee, Elephant and Fish to your list of animals this month.

Funny Stuff:
 I taught you to do a "Big Smile" for the camera....umm, let's just say you get quite carried away with your  facial expressions.  You squint your big round eyes all the way closed and flash the biggest cheeseburger smile I've ever seen.  It's amazing and slightly racist, all at the same time.

You love the talking hippo app on Mama and Nana's phones.  You like to show off for the hippo...basically you want him to watch you just do you.  We have to prop up a phone with him on there watching you, you get a little testy if you notice Hippo has disappeared aka drained mommy's entire battery in like 5 minutes.  Please pick an app that requires less battery usage, my dear.

The Bad News:
I was totally right about the 2 year molars.  After you chewed the lids off half your cups, this was confirmed.  You've got all your teeth!

You lied to me this month.  On two occasions you have said "I poop" under false pretenses.  Not cool, son.  Not cool.  Granted, this could me completely my bad for assuming you got your tenses messed up (because you're a baby and all) SO maybe you weren't lying after all, and were just stating a well known fact.  That you do indeed poop.  If so, my apologies.

Mama loves you more than anything, baby!


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