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Sunday, November 4

Bath Tub Bobbing For Apples

This was a late night stroke of genius (well, not really late night, since it must have been 8pm, but that feels like late night these days...depressing.) 

We had all these apples left over from apple picking in Julian, and my diet was strongly against the thought of baking even more apple pie bites, delicious as they may be.  Then, I also noticed O's penchant for taking a bite out of one apple and chucking it somewhere, anywhere, that I would have to then, toss out.

Then it hit me.  We were going to bob for apples in the bath tub.

He could take a bite out of each one, toss it in the water, and then I didn't freak when he picked it up again for seconds.

 Quick, fun, fall-ish and full of fiber. Done.

First they're sour...

Then they're sweet.

Back to trying to clock mom with an apple...


Mom got smart, real fast and shut that sliding glass door.



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