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Sunday, November 4

Halloween Wrap-Up, Part 1

I LOVE Halloween, but this year, I completely hadn't planned on getting to into it.  I normally put way too much thought and energy and money into my costumes, but this year, we were just coming back from vacation and wanted to keep expenditures somewhat low.  Not to mention my current energy levels do not allow galavanting all over town to multiple box stores and thrift shops to piece together the perfect costume.  

Thus, this year, my little fam all settled for the store-bought variety, so sad, but true.  Technically, this is  all O's fault.  I had the perfect costume in mind for him, and then he clung to a "rawr", aka Lion, costume at Costco.  That started my slippery slope of convenience. Don't worry though, I am coming back HARD in 2013.  I already have my costume planned and it's a group thing, so I'll need some back-up (volunteers???)  Bree is already down..and yes, I'm asking you to sign up without knowing what the costume is.

Anywho, enjoy my crappy phone pics and generic gypsy blah-ness of the weekend leading up to Halloween :)

During the day, we headed out to my neighborhood Halloween carnival.  It was WAY too freaking hot  for O to put on his lion costume (thank you, 92 in San Diego during the end of October) ...but luckily this mama has a stocked costume box and an impromptu pirate came right up.

Baby's first ink...a truly special, proud moment for any mother.


First time in a jumpy house 
(Note: it is pure coincidence there are two jumpy houses featured in this post, they are NOT in fact at the same party.  I probably would have been arrested for having O at the other party.)

Anyway, for a little adult Halloween fun, we headed out to Jeremy's annual Halloween party, bouncy obstacle-course included.

Bree went as Flo and was instantly a Mega-Celebrity.  
Are you kidding me??? Best Costume, Ever!!

Bree (Flo), Me (Store bought, last minute Gypsy, lameness), Jackie (Dia De Los Muertos)

Jackie and Anthony

Bree and a Progressive commercial

Adult-party bounce house...I believe this would be a match of Duff Man (Jeremy) Vs Gumby (Tyler).  Normal.

Why did I even bother standing next to here???  She blows everyone out of the water. 

Ty & I

Sunday Night we headed out to the Harvest Festival at Maranatha for some Trunk or Treat.  

O had grown attached to his pirate hook.

Mmm...what's in my bucket?

Allyse, this trunk made me think of you!!

The boys and a DeLorian.

The main reason we headed out to the festival was for the chili cook off.  I am always amazed how people can settle for such sub-par chili.  Next year, I will dominate the competition with my mom's tried and true AMAZING chili recipe.  

Watch out world, "Chili Coco" is coming for you.

Pictures from actual Halloween cuteness to come...



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