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Wednesday, November 14

My First Photo Dump

I'm going to start doing a regular photo dump of all the "quality" (read: sucky quality phone pics, instagram photos,  some crazy under exposed delights, ect.) that despite their grainy-ness, truly reflect our day to day life up here.  Premium memories, coming right up!

You'll notice a distinct playdate theme today...

O and my nephew Eli checking out the seals in La Jolla

Kindy & Eli


Java Mama with buddy Mason (and friends Danielle and Laura plus both of their newborn baby girls!)

Joelle and O getting to meet a conductor who promptly doled out choking hazards in the form of tiny toy trains.  Someone gave O's train to Joelle's big brother Jude.  It wasn't long before we heard "I ate Oliver's choo choo."  LOVE that kid...and FTR the record he didn't really eat it, or at least he didn't swallow it!

Dancing for Mardi Gras beads

"Mama, Up!"  for a rhino ride at the Wild Animal Park.

Checking out the view with Hunter and Peyton.  We have it pretty good here, I suppose.

Some Halloween goodies...

Little Lion Love

These two were not exactly thrilled about posing in their costumes...this is as good as it got ha.

Piano time

Totes reading music already.

It was the day after Election Day.  
My thoughts on the whole sitch as displayed on my kid's Peek tee:  
Regardless of if you're happy or sad about the outcome...
"Be the change you want to see in the world." 
The End.

Just kidding...this is the end.  



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