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Monday, December 10


...Not the good kind, either.  

The holidays are always a busy time, but we (read: I) have been especially busy this year chasing around a ball of energy who feels like it is his life mission to tear down every "balllllllllll" from every tree, wreath and garland he can find.

To be fair, some days he avoid the tree of no-no's all together.  But today was an ornament repairing kind of day.

And then there's the small fact that I'm currently living in a germ factory with a house full of sickos.  Everyone is sick.  Even my brother who doesn't like with us anymore caught it.  Even 2/3 dogs have had the green apple quick step, which obviously can't just be flushed away.

Somehow, by some little Christmas miracle, I am the only one well. Also, by some miracle, my child takes throwing up like a champ.  He'll projectile vomit, look at me and just say "Uh Oh" before running away and off with his day.

So, I've been cleaning carpets over and over and OVER again, giving multiple baths a day (we're talking 3-4), and doling out pedialyte pops like it's my job.   Which, I suppose it is.

For Ty it's been all about forcing him to take meds (which is resists nonstop), pumping down the gatorade and the amazing chicken soup from Lourdes'.  I swear that stuff is magic, even if it is purchased at a gas station.  If you're sick, and in the Escondido proximity, go get the chicken soup. 

I'm about to spend night two parked on the "well couch" I made for myself last night.  I have always made "sick couches" for myself and roommates in the past, so I thought this might be a good idea. I also enjoyed keeping Bravo on all night long, which for some really weird reason, Ty hates.  So I kind of enjoyed myself.  I'll report back if it actually worked....I feel like I'm doomed no matter what considering all the baby kisses I've gotten lately.  

But, so far, sleeping in the living room has spared me...fingers crossed!!



Amanda said...

Boo! I was just about to text you to see how you guys were doing...not good apparently! Feel better soon! And my fingers and toes are crossed that you don't get it! Also, I totes agree with you about Lourdes chicken soup, that stuff is amaze-balls!

thetormeys said...

ok this is seriously some kind of epidemic! hit us right before Thanksgiving. i thought Avery was never going to get better! i've decided the diarrhea is worse than the puking. But it is pretty much all terrible. Somehow i didn't catch it either, but Shane and my mom did. AWFUL. i was also perched on the couch. Hope everyone is feeling normal soon! xoxo, hang in there mama!

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