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Friday, February 24


Hello!  I started this blog a few years ago when I was a newlywed living in our new home that needed some major DIY.  My intention was to blog about all our household renovations and projects, but I never ended up posting any of the content I wrote...then life took a major change in the form of a bundle of joy.
I suppose I’ve been encouraged to start up now for real by the onslaught of so many of peers sharing their lives lately. And I need an outlet.  Being a stay at home mom can easily become isolating.  So, here’s where I’ll reach out to the world…where I will share my experiences, in hopes that someone can relate, or be moderately amused, at least.

My back story:  For those of you new to me,  I never expected (or even wanted!) to be a stay at home mama.  Even that fateful evening, when I went through $60 in digital home pregnancy tests in a matter of minutes because those lines and plus signs were not absolute enough for me, I never once considered I would "retire" at the rip old age of barely 25.  But, one thing led to another and suddenly, somewhere in the middle of my second trimester the opportunity to “live the dream” presented itself.  Knowing it would be the best option for our family, I took it, and here we are today.

My beautiful baby, my son Oliver Liam, was born April 16th, 2011.  Ever since then, I have lived through incredible highs, and lows I didn’t know were ever possible. Here I’ll document the roller coaster of parenting, my tales in motherhood, and my general attempts at domestic, crafting, saving money, spending money, and my attempts to stay in shape postbaby.  I understand babies can be pretty boring until you have one, and all consuming when you do. So, I’ll try to keep it interesting for the non-parents out there with my non-baby interests, too!  Here we go!