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Thursday, April 19

Oliver's Peter Pan 1st Birthday Party!

 I'm not going to lie here, very few things in life excite me more than party planning.  Considering that, I've been planning Oliver's first birthday basically since he was a few days old.   I went back and forth between themes for months, because like or not, I LOVE me a good theme.  I can't help it.  I finally picked the perfect one:  Peter Pan.  The whole concept of never growing up was perfect, as every parent knows, itty bitty babies turn into small children WAY too fast.  Plus, this was like a mega-theme...there's pirates and lost boys and pixies and Indians and mermaids, tick tock, the darling children, London and stars galore...I wanted to incorporate it ALL.  I seriously cannot explain in words how happy this made me.  Tori Spelling understands.

The only problem with my perfect theme was you can't find anything pre-made for a Peter Pan party to order...not on Etsy...nowhere.  Not even at Disneyland...I looked...twice.  They don't even make green tights for babies...obviously something this whole party hinged upon.  The overly-ambitious side of me took over...I was going to make this party happen, even if I had to do it entirely from scratch...which it turns out, I did...and that includes hand dying baby leggings to be the perfect Never Land green.   I recruited my mother, who was conveniently on Spring Break from work to help with the menu and to sit with me at Kinko's while I yelled and pouted over the copier, and my uber-talented sister in law to make the the cake.  Weeks and weeks of late nights, a few fights with my corner punch, a couple frustrated smashings of pirate cake pops gone terribly wrong, and at least two lengthy discussions with the Ty about why I "had" to do all of this, annnnnd I think we pulled together a pretty good party for my little one and his closest friends.  100% worth it.  :)

Invitations, painstakingly created by the most computer & printer incompetent person ever (yours truly), each included  an admittedly annoying, but MAGICAL, sprinkling of stars, & a single red feather. 
In keeping with the theme, I asked guests to write a "happy thought" for Oliver, & then they tied them to a balloon to make them "fly".  Post-party, they all go in the baby book.

Peter Pan's "shadows" were on all the walls.  The chalkboard says "Think of the happiest things, It's the same as having wings."

I couldn't resist making a display of Oliver through the past year.  It was amazing to see how much my little munchkin has changed!!  Who was that dark-haired baby I brought home from the hospital???  This was super easy to make, I just cut up my 2011 paper source calendar for the months and strung the pictures by baker's twine.
Directions to the Pirate Cove & Indian Camp
Directions to the Pixie Hollow (which served as the carpeted tot area, with coloring station & a fenced in baby play yard for parents to deposit their children for awhile so they could grab a quick drink) & Lost Boys Hideout

Pixie Hollow coloring station with customized Birthday coloring books.  Thanks Jessica Szuberla, for the assembly help on these!!
Feather garland in the "Indian Camp" area

Treasure chest full of  pirates chocolate gold coins, gold bricks,  beaded necklaces,  fairy wands,  bottles of edible pixie dust, compasses, eye patches, pirate rubber duckies, and my favorite, crocodile bath squirters.  

Personalized gift bags for the littlest of guests to store all their treasures
More favors...chocolate coins, pixie shaped sweet tarts and sixlets

Kid's table with cuties, raisin boxes, Pirate's Booty, star sandwiches and milk boxes

Kid's table labels
This crocodile was a given to Oliver in the hospital by my friend Chelsea, the day he was born
Smee's Sliders (BBQ Beef & Chicken sandwiches),  Lost Boy Baked Beans & Nana's Napa Salad
Neverland Cookies read "Never Grow Up", "Tick Tock", "Oliver is One" &  "Happy Birthday"
My AMAZING Sister in Law, Kindy, created Oliver's Smash Cake to be Tick Tock.  The clock  reads 12:52, the time Oliver was born :)

We used the Magnolia Bakery chocolate & vanilla cupcake recipe, homemade buttercream icing & topped them with pirate ship sails, "cannonballs" & edible gold stars
If you have never made cake pops before, I would highly recommend NOT trying to make them for the first time  for your child's birthday.  There were countless crocodile casualties. 

Tyler homebrews, so he brewed a homemade rootbeer for the party...I'm loving having leftover rootbeer on tap right now.

Mermaid Lagoon Lemonade

For a few short moments he wore the hat I spent an hour making. Worth it.
"WHERE'D MY CAKE GO?????  AHHHHHHHHHHHH"  --that's pretty much what happened.

Mmm, Croc snout...
Cousin Eli coming in for the Smash Cake sneak attack
Not too shabby, my dear.

Happy 1st Birthday, Oliver Liam!!!  xoxo

Tuesday, April 3

Working the Runway

This past Saturday, O had the opportunity to walk in the Nordstroms fashion show.  It was a super early morning getting ready to be somewhere with a happy baby on time, but it was worth it.  His girl Peyton, and friend Wyatt were also in the show, which made it even more fun to watch.  It was BEYOND cute to see all the little ones working the runway...and mama didn't mind the discount they were given that day in return :)  Check out the videos at the end to see how good they did!!  Little hams!!!  

Ty and O scoping out the competition.  Ty had to remind me multiple times that it was in fact NOT a competition. :/ awkward.

Peyton, just sending a few quick texts before her big walk

He's wearing Peek Aren't You Curious tee, shirt and shorts and his own Bobex shoes. LOVE

Wyatt and his Mama Elise
Such a tired boy, slept through the rest of the show on Nana