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Thursday, May 31

Saying No (No).

Thanks to the Blogger App, I have a ton of unfinished drafts I'm finally getting around to finishing and publishing, so here goes...

Now that O is more toddler than infant, he's on a mission to explore everything.  While this helps keep me skinny, I've also recently had to start saying what I like to call the "NN" word.  A lot.  Like every 10 seconds.  It's unfortunate that everything he wants to touch and play with has the capability to smash various baby body parts (the fireplace) or be broken by by bitty baby hands and cost hundreds to replace (plantation shutters, the sliding screen door, everyones glasses and smartphones).    Then there's the protective bumpers he wants to rip from every end table and just the end tables themselves which look like an inviting jungle gym to a 13-month old, evidently.

So, in trying to protect him and teach him, there's a lot of "No No's" being shouted at various decibels throughout the day.  A win is when he shakes his head in response and moves on...which to your credit, little man, you do quite often.  But then there is those times he really wants to eat a green toddler crayon (which were a great gift, if you're reading this, Allison!  He uses them so far to "sign"!) and those times he would die to hurl himself into the sliding screen door to get outside, and I have to intervene, and my scolding brings about the saddest pouty face, and he buries his head in my lap and cries "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and I die a little inside.

I know I have to be a good parent and practice discipline, but this is tough.  Long before we had O, Ty and I agreed on how our parenting would work...I would be the Phil, he would be the Claire.  Okay...maybe we didn't agree on this, so much as he accepted that was just the way it was going to be.  The problem is, I'm the one who is actually there 90% of the time, so I have to be the Claire.

Tell me your secrets for this age, experienced parents!  I will do everything in my power to ensure I raise a little gentleman, so help me out here with how to convey "No" to someone with a goldfish memory.

I appreciate any feedback!

Yours Truly,
The Reluctant Claire

False Alarm: Babies Can't Detect Cancer After All

This is how you know I’m a little bit crazy.  I went to the doctor yesterday to have a mole checked out.  It's a mole that I’ve had for years and years and has never qualified as potentially cancerous (trust me I watch out for these things…my family is like a magnet for melanoma).  Yet recently, O has noticed said spot and will come up and touch it frequently...we're talking 20 times a day... and say “dis” (which is obviously this for non-baby talkers), then proceed to kiss it. Serious, open mouth kiss. 

Of course, this immediately made me assume not that he just noticed something different and is pointing it out, but rather that he has a special sixth sense for detecting skin cancer and this was his way of trying to save Mommy’s life.  I legitimately thought this, so much so that I began to obsess over all sorts of insane scenarios…and so much so that I mentioned it to Ty, and he said “Yeah, that is kind of weird.”  Ty never indulges my crazy, so the fact that he agreed it was a little odd completely validated the concern in my head. So I made an appointment.

You can imagine the look I got when I explained to my doctor that I was concerned about a very benign looking spot, because my baby has been pointing to it and kissing it and I’m worried a 13-month old has the intuition to detect cancer.  He shook his head, said it was benign, but handed me a gown and offered to bust out the liquid nitrogen anyway if I was really concerned. 

I immediately backtracked and said I would make a separate appointment so I could get out of there without getting anything frozen off…especially since it checked out.

So, I suppose it was a win, being that everything looked healthy and benign.  But sadly,  I won’t be able to offer my baby’s cancer-detecting services to any of you now. :(

           I leave you with a few crappy phone pics from yesterday...O's discovering God's gift of Einstein's Strawberry Shmear for the first time...

 Don't call the cops.  This was their idea.

Wednesday, May 30

Rachel Zoe's Salami

I've been dying to try out this recipe since the finale of The Rachel Zoe Project.  Any dish that gets that many anorexic fashionistas running to the kitchen, has to be worth the cals.  And it was.  We had some friends over to grill and swim on Memorial Day and I finally baked this little delight.  This is a perfect appetizer and it disappeared amazingly fast.  

You can find a variation of the recipe here:  Chef Bri Blog 

I made mine with dijon mustard, used an orange marmalade instead of apricot, and added a few tablespoons of brown sugar to compensate for not using honey mustard.  Work with what you have on hand!  Delish!

And what's better in the summer than grilled fruit?? 
Since I felt like this was a dessert but lacked the fattiness of a proper dessert, these grilled slices of peach and pineapple were liberally brushed with a cinnamon sugar butter. Sooo good and so easy! 

Tuesday, May 29

A Lesson in Communicating: Our Day at the WAP

This morning O and I woke up...rather he woke me up, calling for me...and Jess texted first thing asking if we wanted to go to Sea World or the WAP (Wild Animal Park for non-San Diegans..I will never call it "Safari Park"...I shouldn't say that..I said that about Price Club too, dangit!) Anyway the conversation then went like this:

Jess: You want to go to Sea World or WAP today?
Me: Yeah! What Time?
Jess: 10?
Me: Okay!
Jess: Want to meet here and I can drive?
Me: No, I'll meet you there so I don't have to swap the carseats.
Jess: Okay, see you in a few!

If you noticed we left out a huge detail...i.e. we never picked which place to no surprise I ended up at the WAP and her at Sea World.  Nice! Only about 35 miles apart, no biggie.  We're obviously really smart and highly detail-oriented.  We figured this out when she asked which row I was parked in and I said 5 and she asked 5-what.  There's only 5-C,D, ects at Sea World.  Oh, man. 

Jess (with Pey in tow) met us back in at the WAP since she would have to head that way back home regardless.

Here's how the day's a lot of the back of O's head...since that's primarily what I see these days as I chase him non-freaking-stop. want to know how I keep the weight off?  I'm literally on my feet all day following this nugget around.  All day.    

Anyway, we spent a good hour at the discovery station.  It's a quality baby energy-drainer.  I'm a fan.

You know, just putting all their toys in the planters and then taking them out again...

We learned about magnets...what sticks and what doesn't.

Sadly, plastic worms do not stick, try as he may.

Pey's all about the chase.

One of the million reasons I love this girl.

We indulged them in some splash pad time.

How is it possible to have a big ol' belly and ribs showing???

aaaand...we're back where we started chasing them.

Sunday, May 27

Becca & Nick Got Hitched, Part 3: {the ceremony & reception}

 The final installment of Becca's wedding pics.  Enjoy!

Oh, no. O notices the flower petals.  

Coco being super stealth and trying to guide him.  I guess I shouldn't be too hard on him, he only turned a year old less than two weeks before this.  So good job, little one.

Baby love to the extreme!

You can see O's squinty smile eyes..lovin' it!

Attempting to arrange them for a quick photo... O only wants to know who makes Pey's shoes.

It's so flufffy!!!

 So nice of you to share, P!

O about to give Riley a little love tap.

That didn't go over so well.  :/ 

 Watch me attempt a sexy face (and end up looking really angry) in not one, not two, but three pictures..

Workin' it.

a lil' college reunion

Alpha Xi's

Chelsea sharing some really good gossip, perhaps?? Because that is definitely my gossip listening pose.

I die for these girls!!!

Me attempting reverting to my former peer-pressuring self.  Bree is NOT buying it!!  haha 

It just wouldn't be right if there wasn't a Becca pole...

Becca later claimed she didn't drink at her wedding.  haha

Love this one!! Newlywed passion..

Too cute.

The fight over the bouquet between Lenzi and Holly.

Lenzi ended up with petals and Holly with the stems.

 You wouldn't know she was a Disney at all...

Obsessed with these escort cards...each table was a different ride.

Danielle's saucy entrance with her two escorts..

some amazing moves below with my escort, Mikey...

<3 <3 <3 <3

ahhhh, I love them!!!  They're SO happy together!

Becca's wedding designer was amazing!

Why Becca is a better wife than me: the Grooms Cake.

 The fabulous real cake.

The cutest father-daughter dance, EVER.  A Mash-up???  Really?? Only Becca. <3

The patented "Rachel Lean".

Oh, Becca...