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Wednesday, October 31

One Year Ago Today...

I can't believe it's been one whole since what was one of the worst, and most confusing, days of my life.  As many of you know, Oliver was born with bilateral hydronephrosis which quickly turned serious.  

It was one year ago today that I handed my little tiny six month old baby over to a nurse to be put under, for what seemed to be a very serious operation.  While things turned out for the best, I wanted to take the time to remember how much God is watching over my little family and how He is capable of healing we don't even imagine to be possible.

My little boy, a few hours after waking up.  All he wanted to do was drink water, but they wouldn't let him have more than 2oz at a time.  Trying to satiate his thirst.  :/ 

I am beyond thankful every day for his health.

Now, onto the fun stuff.  Since we missed Halloween last year, we are going BIG this year (or at least as big as you can possibly go with a couple of young toddlers coming over) so that means Jack-O-Lantern pizzas and trick or treating in the most decked out part of our neighborhood!


Elle Newborn Photos

I had the complete honor of photographing baby Elle recently.  She was a total doll to work with, and barely over a week old.  I love when they're that small and tiny and still have that newborn smell.  Ugh, it kills me.  It's so addictive. 

Little Elle completely resembles her crazy adorable big brother Mason, so that was completely awesome to see.  

Check out the little beauty!!

Baby Elle's room is Elephant themed, so I had to bring this prop!

My "assistant" for the shoot (Ty) snapped this while I was busy chatting with Danielle..

Mama and Daughter <3 p="p">

Thanks for letting me capture these moments for you, Danielle!  


Monday, October 29

Vacation Breakdown, pt. 1 {I LOVE Matachica}

So, while in Belize we stayed at a rather small boutique resort, Matachica, about 5 miles north of town. On Trip Advisor, it was described as being for "hip, young, sexy couples, looking for adventure and romance."  I was like, "Umm, could you describe us any better, Trip Advisor???  You had me at hip, young and sexy."

Anyway, the place is AMAZEBALLS.  It's totally secluded, and small enough that the staff knows your name and everyone called us "Miss Rachel" and "Mr. Tyler" and were constantly asking what they could do for us.  I swear there was a staffer for each guest, they had people for everything.

You stay in these little straw-roof huts on the beach, no TV's, no phones, no clocks.  Don't worry, we brought our laptop and an external hard drive full of movies and TV shows.  We like togetherness and romance and all that, but we truly bond over our deep love of TV.

Anyway, the property is totally bohemian and has a Moroccan flair to it.  They provide you an amazing complimentary breakfast every day, and use of all the toys (sailboats, kayaks, paddle boats, paddle boards, bikes, snorkel gear ect.) was included as well.  I'll post more about our actual Belizean adventures (including our shark swimming) in a separate post.

When Ty expressed interest in kayaking out to the barrier reef to fish, our favorite staffer, Giovanni, handed us poles, a raw chicken breast for bait AND a giant chef knife he grabbed from the kitchen to take on our kayak to cut up the bait.  Not something you would ever have happen in America.  But it was amazing how they would go out of their way for whatever you wanted.

Here's just a small taste of our second honeymoon!

WAY too close to the cockpit for my taste...

In San Pedro

Our room "Kiwi"

These guys were everywhere!