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Tuesday, January 8

Christmas Day Wrap-Up

Here's my delayed wrap-up of Christmas!

Christmas Eve, the last night before O's dear Elf left us..

O's present from Nana and Papa, his very own jumpy house.  I think he likes it..a little haha...

Every Christmas, we head over to my in-laws early in the morning to have breakfast and to watch the cousins open gifts together.  This was the first year both O and Eli were "into" it.  I mean, seriously into it.  

When in doubt, everyone buys them both cars...

Eli taking off with both of the cars from Aunt Becky...

Bubble Mower from Aunt Kindy and Uncle Ryan...this thing is AWESOME.

I LOVE the chaos in this picture.  EveryoneExactly how Christmas morning should be.  This makes me so happy.

Monty the bulldog getting in on the action.

...more toy cars..

Christmas evening, after nap, we headed to my grandparents house to have Christmas ham and hang out with my cousins.  

O and Grandpa (his Great Grandpa)


A Block wagon from Aunt Laurie.

Creepy stares from cousin Tyler...

Again, this kid is not phased even by this level of creepiness...

Too much Christmas!!



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