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Tuesday, January 29

It's a GIRL!

I'm so humbled and excited that so many of you are following along on our pregnancy journey.  I loved hearing everyones "vibes" and opinions on the gender of Baby #2!

I was finally able to get an appointment that worked around nap time at the same 4D place we went to to find out what we were having with Oliver.  I debated asking the tech for the sex to be written down and placed in an envelope, so we could have a legit gender reveal cake or something...but that all went out the window the second the tech turned on the screen.  I looked, and I knew what I was seeing right away.  

All that studying of fetal genitalia paid off, because I immediately knew I was looking at a hamburger, not a hot dog, if you will.

I was looking at our baby girl.

I was oddly emotional. Even though I knew deep down it was a girl all along, it's a crazy surreal feeling once someone tells you for the first time your baby has a gender.  "You're going to have a little girl"... It just made everything feel so real.  Oliver is getting a little sister.  Ty and I are having a daughter.  My niece in Auntie Kindy's oven is going to have a girl cousin, born most likely within days of eachother.  It's just as overwhelming as the first time, and just as joyful.

We are so so blessed to have our amazing little boy and now this little girl coming into the world.  


P.S. Names coming soon...Ty has yet to consent to my chosen name...but don't worry, he will. ;)