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Monday, January 14

Peyton's 2nd Birthday Party!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking photos of Peyton Rose's 2nd Birthday Party.  Her mama Jess did an amazing job putting her new Cricut to good use and turned the backyard into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  It was adorable, and it had a jumpy house, which is a HUGE score for parents (especially pregs) who want to attempt to eat a little bit at a kids party.  So thankful for the jumpy.

On to a few photos...(It was an 11 O'Clock party, so I mean, you get what you get lighting-wise.)


O obviously had to match the color-scheme. Obviously.

Bree's incredibly talented mom Diane painted both this Mickey & Minnie backdrop, and a few amazing  cut-outs. Love.

Pretty proud of Jess for getting her Pinterest on...

Smash(ed) cake.

Yum. Toodle's Veggies, Donald Duck Dogs...very appreciated.

Cupcakes courtesy of Rachel, Domesticated :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Peyton!  
I hope you have a wonderful third year! 
(Wow!  That's crazy!!)



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