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Tuesday, January 29

Pink or Blue Pillowfight {Gender Reveal Photoshoot}

As soon as I got into the car after our gender appointment, you could cue the overwhelming feeling that came rushing in of "Oh my gosh, I have SO much to plan and DO!" 

 First up, I knew we needed a fun gender reveal photoshoot.  I immediately got in touch with Brooke, our amazing photographer and friend who really needs her own tag on this blog, to brainstorm with her.  It wasn't long before she came up with a completely original me I scoured Pinterest looking for inspiration...and once Brooke suggested a pillowfight, I knew we had a winner that wasn't ANYWHERE on the big P.  But it will be now ;)  

Photos courtesy of the always amazing team of Brooke Aliceon Photography.
I mention team because Sean was incredible, cleaning up feathers all while keeping tabs on three toddlers, in an open field, with tons of dogs the kids just want to chase :/ 

 First some of my beautiful boy.  I am SO excited for O to be a big brother,  he loves kids, so he's going to be thrilled to have one fulltime I'm sure (at least I really realllllly really hope, but am also pretty sure).

Surprised by the confetti getting thrown in his face every 5 seconds...

Self Explanatory..Pink or Blue Pillowfight

It looked like we wanted to seriously kill each other in most of the shots...but Pink wins this round!