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Tuesday, January 15

Pink or Blue?

Basically, the second I found out I was pregnant, I started wondering whether or not baby #2 was a boy or a girl.  After thinking long and hard about it, I knew I'd be totally happy with either.  I love love loooooove O so much, I would adore having more of "him", but at the same time, a little girl would be a fun new adventure.  Maybe a bit of a scary one...from personal experience, of course, being a girl and all. 

So, naturally, I turned to the most logical thing to do and started obsessing over old wives tales.  If you've ever been pregnant, you know them well.  While they're all for fun and basically completely unreliable, I totally tested out a ton of theories and tales.  Here's my highly scientific findings:

1) The Chinese Calendar:  This one was right for my SIL, who is the same age and conceived the same month as myself.  I have friends who swear by it.  Also, I love all things Asian, so I put a lot more stock in stuff like this.  The Chinese calendar verdict: GIRL!  

2) Ramzi's Theory:  This theory is that if you look at an early ultrasound, you can determine the sex of the baby based on which side of the uterus the placenta attaches too.  The problem?  I can't see a placenta in my U/S photo.  That being said, the baby itself was on the far right, which would suggest:  BOY!

3) The Heartbeat: This little one's heartbeat has been consistant above 140 beats/min, which would suggest: GIRL!

4) Cravings: I'm craving all things sweet (as opposed to sour).  I am wayyy more ravenous this time around than I was with O...somehow I have only gained one pound since my last appointment December 10th.  ONE.  During the HOLIDAYS.  That's a Christmas miracle if I've ever seen one!  This would suggest: GIRL!

5) The Pee test:  Rumor has it, the color of your urine can determine the fetal sex.  Yes, I totally examined my pee on multiple occasions. Dull, light colored pee: GIRL!  

6) Cold Feet:  According to the old wives, cold feet during pregnancy hint at gender.  Mine have been FREEEEZING lately, although Tyler is quick to point out that may have something to do with our freakishly cold weather lately.  Regardless of that "logic", this would mean: BOY!

7) Sick or Not?: One of the more popular tales suggests that morning sickness is the sign of a little girl on the way.  I felt little to no sickness with O, and felt like complete crap for about 2 months with this little one, meaning : GIRL!

8) The MOPS test:  At MOPS, they have a bag pregs dig around in and you pull out either pink or blue Hershey Kisses, my pull : BOY!

9) Nub Theory:  This I actually put some energy into researching.  If you look up "angle of the dangle" or "nub theory" there's some pretty convincing evidence that suggests this is somewhat accurate...or at least fun, and really stressful, to examine.  I swear I am a nub expert now...I have looked at wayyy too much fetal genitalia for one lifetime, but I slowly started noticing the subtle differences in the "gender tubercle." Anyway, based on this theory:  GIRL!

10) Previous Children's First Words: The thought is that if your child's first word was "Mama" it's a girl, they say "Dada" and it's a boy.  Even for me, this is pretty stupid.  Everyone knows I really wanted O to say Mama first, b/c I heard Dada was a more common first word, due to it being easier to say...Therefore, I referred to "Dada" as "Tyler" until O conquered "Mama".  So, I totally cheated.  But it was really cute to hear him call Daddy "Tylah".  For the sake of the old wives: GIRL!

See the pattern?  Things are looking a little more pink over here based on these very reliable tests and whatnot.  I've actually had girly vibes the whole pregnancy as well, mainly because everything feels exaggerated...the hormones, the sleeplessness mixed with the fatigue, the cravings, ect.  I've also had two people examine my still pretty small bump and declare GIRL!  I told my mom to ask Jesus what I was having and she said she kept hearing the word "wait".  Such a kidder, that one!  

So, we shall see.   I'll know for sure for sure next month, but am hoping for a hint at an elective place before that.   I really would be excited for either because, as cliche as it sounds, healthy is really all that matters. Buuuuut speculating about gender is still so much fun in the meantime!

Let me know if you have any vibes or intuitions about what new baby A is...I will probably take your word for it!