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Thursday, February 7

A Little DL For The Soul

 We headed up to DL last week when Ty had a weekday off for some reconnecting.  There's been a lot of various stress lately and for a variety of reasons, we haven't gotten to spend much quality time together just us two, or as a fam of three.  So, off we went to our favorite haunt. 

If you saw my video last week on FB, you seen my child's lastest "dramatic moments" at the Toontown Glass Factory. 

We spent about half the day in Toontown, with Oliver being such a little ham.  He would push the doorbell for the "glass factory" which immediately makes the sounds of shattering glass.  Everytime, he would cover his mouth and shout "OHHHH NO!"  He probably did this twenty times. So cute, son.  Dying over you!

He ruined about 19 peoples pictures by doing this repeatedly...

I haven't posted O's stats lately because I've been preg and lazy and also busy with him, but he's 32 lbs and a lot of those lbs are in his calves.  Most babies lose the chubby legs as they get older and thin out, and while he is thinning out in the torso as he continues to grow, his legs turned into muscle.. or at least they are some kind of chub that is hard.  I don't know the specifics, I just know he has some THICK legs compared to all our baby friends.  They are approximately the same size as his thighs, as evident below...

...and for some running and climbing at the wilderness camp.  Swear we could spend the whole day running across the rope bridges.



Amanda said...

He is the cutest! And I am dying that he is 32lbs. All boy! But poor you, I think Toting Q around is tough, and you have it much harder!

rachel said...

Yeah, I'm used to it now, but dang, he's heavy. Bottom heavy! Straight up CANKLES haha!

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