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Friday, February 8

Photo Dump #2

If you follow me on FB or Instagram, you have seen me whining all week about the worst cold EVER to hit our fam.  It's been one rough week of a WHOLE lot of Caillou and "Cat A Hat" (Cat in the Hat) and very, very little sleep.  O hasn't been a sick baby necessarily throughout his little life...never really had a bad fever, and only a few puking incidents (minus his brief reign of terror as the king of projectile vomit only in public as a small infant). But this cold and flu season has shown no mercy and has slowly attacked poor O, now Ty and me. 

Why the excessive whining, though?  Because I'm pregnant and can't take ANYTHING to alleviate my gnarly congestion, which won't let me sleep at all and makes my head feel like it's going to explode.     Combine preg hormones, no sleep, head on the verge of explosion, and a sick toddler whose walking around saying "my nose ouch" all day who you ALSO can't give any REAL meds to :( and it's basically the worst.  

 Anyway, despite all that drama, we had a fun week leading up to the enjoy a little photo dump of our once smiling faces!

We went to the botanical gardens with our friends Quinn and her cousins Lily and Ella that we've played with a few times now.  It was a such a fun day, I absolutely love it, even though O turned a clogged drinking fountain into his personal water table and got soaked by that and this disgusting water feature they have there.  He rode home in just a diaper.

Spy the tiniest lizard ever?  Leave it to O to find him!

DL with Dada

Hullaballoo at the Bernardo Winery.  We love shaking shakers and waving scarves.  O spent no time getting right to the front.

Then it hit.  Superbowl sunday, not feeling so super...

My sad panda!

Hopefully the next time you hear from us, we are 100% and back to scarf waving.  Everything crossed!



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