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Monday, February 18

Photo Dump #3 {Valentines Day & President's Day Weekend Edition}

For Vday this year, I got O together with two of his little tot friends to have a day crafting some Valentines for dad's and grandparents (and boyfriends, in Morgan's case).  I came prepared with these PB & B(anana) heart sandwiches and the kids we're good sports putting heart stickers on the "hedgehugs" and painted handprints on doilies.

Morgan, Pey and O watching the Cat in The Hat Valentines movie during lunch.

These two are baby besties!

Ty was cute as usual for vday with his flower choices!  One of his clients gave him a gift certificate to the Crab Catcher in La Jolla, so we finally took advantage of it.  We've never done the whole fancy restaurant on Vday thing, but it was nice to get out just the two of us.  And my filet was cooked to a preggo's perfection!

I celebrated being 20 weeks preg! Halfway there!

O LOVES his letters at bath time lately.  These are some of the ones he has mastered so far!  I die hearing him point out letters when he sees words.  When he saw my brother's Sony Vaio yesterday, he just read "A, I, O!" and beamed, very proud of himself.

We had a little family day at Seaworld on Saturday, meeting up with cousin Eli, Ryan and Kindy, Kindy's mom, brother and his new fiance. The boys loved the penguins, especially the outdoor ones.

Trying desperately to get into the Penguin exhibit. 

Today we went to Coronado for our daily walk, fed ducks and then headed over to Liberty Station to try this burger joint I've heard good things about called "Slater's 50/50".  Umm...LOVE.  It's a build your own burger place like The Counter, except the house patty is 50% beef and 50% ground bacon.  Salty perfection.  Add an order of 1/2 fried pickles and 1/2 fries that comes with bacon ketchup and a set of giant Jenga blocks outside in the beer garden and I'm like, really, really satisfied with life.  O was happy with the pickles and "a BLOCK!!"  

A game where you're NOT supposed to topple the blocks is seriously not a toddler concept.  But he loved stacking and toppling. 

I wanted to send Ty a pic of O enjoying his lunch since he had to work today, and requested a "big smile".  O thinks big smile means just squint your eyes really, really hard.  So, there you go.  




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