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Wednesday, February 27

Photo Dump #4

It's been another busy week over here on our mountain. Check out some crappy pictures of our fun times.

The morning I decided I couldn't postpone another haircut.

We went and walked around discovery lake with Aunty Kindy, Eli, Kimi and Jolene, had a little picnic and some playground time.

O, Jolene and Eli.

Soccer.  Of course, my child would be super active, freakishly coordinated and into sports.  Thanks, universe.  Good thing I really dig snack bars. 

We went to Hullaballoo at UTC.  O made a run for the door at one point and bumped in to some guy.  I looked up to say sorry, and recognized the man from the Nyquil commercials.  AKA Drew Brees.  I immediately turned around and mouthed to Amy, "Is that Drew Brees?" but I didn't need to wait for a response.  The room full of moms with their phones out sneaking stalker this one...confirmed it.  Hint to Mr. dudes go to Hullaballoo, ever.  So, I hope you weren't trying to blend in.

UTC playground after Hullaballoo with Avery, Harper, Morgan and Pey.  My kid is obviously a ladies man.

I convinced him not to try and climb this.  Going under is way cooler, and less likely to give mom an anxiety attack.

I had a 1st Birthday photo shoot for an adorable little girl!  So much glitter and tulle!

Coco has been out of commission entirely lately from a gnarly accident at work that left her with a broken arm and ankle injury.  But that has  given me an excuse to try out some new recipes for the whole fam.  I had 6 people + O to please with this Pioneer Woman dish...a beef stir fry with snow peas.  It was SO good.  I'll post the recipe soon.  I cannot wait to make it again.

Sunday morning breakfast after church.  I'm always craving Einsteins.  O wanted to be a big boy with a real cup (read:a sample coffee cup) AKA I left his water bottle in the car and wasn't about to go get it.  He was SO careful, and asked for "More Peas!" three times. I couldn't be happier to oblige.  Love this little one so incredibly much, like it's absolutely crazy sometime. 

Ty giving O a new Beiber-ish hairstyle after bath time.

This was the cutest get well pressie ever!!  Bree sent it home for Coco. <3 nbsp="" p="">
She is always beyond thoughtful!

Fun with cousin...Eli mid leap and O playing with Monty.  I will never get tired of watching these two play.  O asks randomly to "see Ali?" or "see cousin?" and luckily, we're only a few miles away. 



pinkbluemomtwo said...

total ladies man! he's gonna know just what to do when little sis arrives! yay!

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