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Wednesday, February 20

The Official Name {Finally!}

I had my anatomy scan today.  I went alone, as it was spontaneously rescheduled and Ty was at work.  I debated if I should go alone, since the last anatomy scan was such a disaster when we found out Oliver had two soft markers from chromosomal disorders, one of which turned into this.

But, I felt strangely confident everything was going to be fine this time around.  

And it was.

I saw our beautiful, healthy baby girl dancing around on the screen.  She has an official name, now, too, so without further adieu...
I'm calling her Penny, and basically everyone has a different nickname for her from Poppy to Nelly.

When Ty and I were on our honeymoon, we were on a Spanish cruise ship, and there was only one English channel on TV. It played only two movies, and episodes of The Big Bang Theory in rotation.  We fell in love with the show, and I fell in love with the name Penny, and the longer version of it, Penelope.  I'm HUGE on Sibsets (the "art" of matching brother and sister names), and I loved the way it sounded with Oliver, which is important since I will often be saying them together for the rest of my life.

I started researching name after name with this pregnancy, and Penelope/Penny always came back to mind.  Then, once I found this listing on Nameberry, I knew we had our name...scroll to the bottom of the listing to see why...

^ Oliver !!!  Love. Perfect.  Sold. 

Then it was on to the middle name.  This didn't take too much time either, as Mae is the name of Ty's paternal grandmother who passed away last year. Then, I looked up the Nameberry for Mae and what did I find....

^ Oliver, again!!!  It was fate.

For the curious, also in the running was Sadie, which I still love, but was cancelled out by Ty because of the Beatles song, "Sexy Sadie".  While I argued that that wasn't the worst nickname in the world to have, Ty was convinced some tot on the playground would surely be a music buff and know the song.   If it was a boy, it would have been Sawyer.  

We all love you so much, Penny, and can't wait to meet you on the outside.



Kindy Lunde said...

So happy and so perfect. Love my niece Penny

Amanda said...

Adore the name! Yay for sugar, spice, and everything nice! Can't wait to meet beautiful little Penolope! Xo

Danielle Vigneault said...

I love it!! Can't wait to meet little Penny!!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE the name Rachel :) Congrats on having a baby girl!

rachel said...

Thank you all!!! We are so so exited!!

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