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Sunday, March 31

Kansas City Cousin Visit Photo Dump #7

Earlier this month, our cousins (well, technically Ty and his brother's cousin Caitlin and her husband Jeff) came out to visit for a long weekend.  We had an absolute blast with them and despite having only met Caitlin and Jeff once before last year when we went back to Texas, I felt like I had known them my whole life.  We just all got along so well, and had a fabulous time showing them America's Finest City!

We hit up the beach, the zoo, a park, a few shops, Stone Brewery, Hacienda De Vega, Boxd, Downtown Disney, the Gaslamp district, In n Out (because you HAVE to get out of towners some!), had an eclectic BBQ featuring pizza, hot dogs, baked beans, strawberry salad and donuts, ect ect ect.  Seriously, the whole weekend was so much fun for us, just playing tourists in our own town.

Here's a photo dump of some of the trip!

Last year, O was ALL about the water at the beach...much to my dismay.  I've traveled too much to know how cold and miserable our water is here.  This year, however, it was early March, and O got a taste of what real San Diego water feels like.  He didn't like it.  I was pleased.  

Not wanting to get his feet in it child.

The following photos are here to show just HOW GOOD Cali looks on Cait and Jeff.

The boys being boys...

Taking a breather

Please notice the twins in Sue Sylvester track suits...

This was fun!

At the Zoo...trying to find elusive otters

Panda spotting

This didn't go according to plan at all...

We did a million cool things, but apparently I was too busy chatting to catch the rest.  
Oh, well,  guess we'll have to plan another fam reunion!!!  I cannot wait for the next vacay with this crew!!!



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