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Thursday, March 14

Photo Dump #5

Whew!  I had no idea it had been so long since my last post!  Things have been busy, busy, busy around these parts!!!  

We had a massive adult cousin filled long weekend this past week...Usually when we talk cousins it's all about the babies, but this past weekend, Ty's Kansas City cousins Caitlin and Jeff flew into visit, so we had a blast showing them around SD and OC with Ry and Kindy, Saturday through Monday.  Not only that, my own favorite cousin was celebrating her birthday with a fun dinner and pub crawl in North Park, and yes, the preggo made it to two stops and would have stayed longer had Ty (the non-preggo...just to be clear) not been exhausted.   Separate posts with those pics coming soon!

Here's a peek into the past couple weeks:

Case of the missing shih tzu solved!
Chaucer was sleeping on the clothes in the hamper and someone thought it would be funny to close the lid on poor wittle Chauc.
Great Grandpa taught O to play "poker"...apparently it is a pants optional game.

Still loving his alphabet time at night with Daddy

Betsey love on a brisk morning.
Seeing pictures like this...knowing my child is a 3 foot tall giant..I have NO idea why we have such a massive dog.

Homemade magic shell made with just coconut oil and chocolate chips. 
So much better than the store bought, plus NO preservatives and chemicals.  

Finding a fountain is always great for him, horrible for me.

Before story time at the library

Being a bad influence on Quinn at the fountain....

Delish new chili dish!
{turkey chili with diced polenta and jack cheese all in one pot. SO good}

O enjoying a babyccino with lunch
My latest preggo craving!  I can only find these at world market but I'm seriously going to clean out their stock soon.  And that scares me.  If you know where else they sell them, please do tell!



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